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Building a sleek, elegant website that catches the eye and works exactly how you want it to isn't easy. And in the digital age your business or personal venture can't afford to not be in the webspace..simply having a website has been proven to increase your business by as much as up to 45%

That's where I come in, I am a computer scientist with a passion for web design and development, situated in Llanrwst - North Wales. My goal is to work with individuals and small businesses to bring them web designs that look good on all devices and perform exactly as expected.

When you hire an agency, it can become costly, and you can easily get lost in the noise. Working independently allows me to keep my costs down, and gives me more freedom to work closely with my clients to build the vision that they really want.

So whether you already have a website but feel like it needs bringing into the modern world, or you're someone looking to be brought into the digital world for the first time, then get in touch with me..and let's start your project today.
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Mobile First/Fully Responsive

51% of all web traffic originates from mobile devices. With this in mind, I optimize websites for mobile devices first, and then scale them up to work on larger devices.

Template or Bespoke Designs

I can accommodate a large range of budgets by either adapting a pre-existing template to your needs at minimal cost, or I can build websites from the ground up to meet your goals.

Wordpress and Bootstrap

I can work with both frameworks to build your website rapidly, and thanks to the Wordpress CMS you can update and control your website with ease.


I am proficient in all of the major languages and tools required to build your website.


Sell items and services directly through your website with functioning shops, and links to all major payment methods such as PayPal and Amazon Pay.


I can optimise your website for search engines to ensure that they appear as high in search rankings as possible, which will drive more traffic through the site.


I can run analytics on your site to discern where your traffic is coming from, allowing you to boost ad revenue.


Conwy Valley Guns

A mobile first, fully responsive site. Site is search engine optimised and has a fully interactive shop, along with Wordpress CMS and social media integration.

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Estimates, questions, information? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Due to hosting issues, please contact me directly at info@bushicode.com or +44 7340 724 945, or on social media. Thank you.